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Photography as you have never seen it before.

My goal with my photography is to create images that look more like paintings than photographs. Images that, once hung on the wall, most observers declare “What a beautiful painting!”.  

I have learned extraordinary natural works of art exist in rocks, rivers, boulders, creeks, tree bark, pebbles, sap, forests, clouds, fire and ice. I find a certain elegance in just about every natural thing I see. I search for magical beauty in subjects others are likely to overlook. Armed with a camera, I have found I can capture nature’s artistry in ways the human eye cannot. The camera lens is an unmatched observer when one knows where to point it.

I don't go sit at a spot and wait for Nature’s bounty to come to me. I am always on the move. I work tirelessly to intersect with rare and perfect points in time that show Nature at Her most alluring and intriguing. I have hiked thousands of miles of mountain trails in my quest. I am a hunter. Beauty is my prey.

The world is awash with digital photos. My interest is not in creating more pretty pictures. I am not out to excite, shock, thrill or titillate. Quite simply, I wish to share a side of photography and Nature that most have never seen before.

Kinsey Barnard ~ The Liberated Photographer